1985 India 10 Paise issued by NGC Mint Error MS 65.

Mint errors are among the most popular segments of numismatics.

Every year, mints for major countries produce billions of coins. Despite sophisticated technology and comprehensive quality control efforts, some mistakes are made. Coins with errors are called “mint errors” and are among the most popular segments of numismatics.

Stefan Proynov comments that here NGC demonstrates a coin defect caused by a die break.
Where there is a lack of metal in the matrix, metal is absorbed from the planchet and this defect is also visible to the naked eye.

Control over coinage is high in the mints and therefore such coins are rare and even rarer when they are of high quality.

Stefan Proinov, an expert on wrong coins for Europe, claims that this segment will gain more and more popularity because these coins themselves are unique specimens and their numbers are limited.

Stefan Proynov: Error coin expert for Europe – I couldn’t miss this unique coin



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